In almost every interview in which I have had the pleasure of engaging, I am asked ‘What inspires you?’. The first answer that comes to mind is ‘everything’ – but that warrants a bit of elaboration! So I have written a list of my inspirations below to share some thoughts and ideas. I hope you may feel encouraged to actively see the world through grateful and curious eyes too.


I love the bountiful rainbow of colours that exists so perfectly in nature. I am inspired by nature’s shapes and textures, the way light falls, and the rhythm and freshness of the seasons. I am moved by the expansiveness of the countryside and the moods of the sea. When out walking, travelling or in the garden, I look at the way colours come together. Beautiful colour combinations exist everywhere in nature, from flowers to butterflies and rocks, energising sunrises to restful sunsets. Nature’s colours are always changing too. Just think of autumn leaves, or landscapes that are verdant in spring and summer yet cut delicate, spindly silhouettes through winter. Our earth is spellbinding, and I find that time in nature restores and revives my spirit. I naturally sway toward life out the city and on the land so I can be closer to the elements. I encourage anybody feeling listless or uninspired to go outside as often as possible and really look at life with fresh eyes.


I have always loved people’s faces. At fourteen, I started working in a nursing home in Sydney and I felt so inspired by the stories, expressions and emotions told by some of the wonderful, older faces I saw and adored. I love any and every face. I love that we are all different. My faces are very simple but I see a lot of emotion in them and feel deeply when I draw them. Sometimes my faces are awake, sometimes asleep. Sometimes joyous, sometimes pensive. I am always admiring faces of all kinds and drawing inspiration from the language of expressions.


I am passionate about wellbeing and living a happy, healthy life. My hope is to create art and books that are uplifting, energising and encouraging. Life is full of challenges of all kinds, yet when we actively choose to experience life as a journey of riches, anything is possible. Things feel lighter; we feel connected to ourselves, nature and each other, and we give ourselves permission to flourish as we were made to. I read a lot of books about wellbeing from mindfulness to neuroscience, books about yoga and meditation, healing and nutrition. The many thoughts and ideas I read about inspire me to explore everyday ways that we can all live loving, happy and fulfilling lives. In addition to reading about wellbeing, I enjoy imaginative fiction. Two of my favourite writers, both Japanese, are Haruki Murakami and Banana Yoshimoto. These writers are both stimulating and relaxing to read, and encourage me to think and create outside the square.


Many great ideas come to me in my dreams! Sometimes I will see a painting in a dream and start work on it the next morning. Our own unique dreams are full of particular wisdom and inspiration for us. The way I encourage myself to remember and draw from my dreams is to keep a little diary on my bedside table and make an effort to record them. We are all dreamers, and we all possess active imaginations. By nurturing our unique creative visions, we may colour and enrich our lives.

What inspires you?
Do you have any comments you would like to share?
I look forward to your thoughts and ideas.