Meredith shares a richly creative life with her husband, photographer Roberto Masnata. Roberto’s photographs inspired their first collaborative book, ‘Be Here Now – Finding Peace and Joy in The Present Moment’. This beautiful book is a celebration of mindful living and is a vivid, inspirational melange of Meredith’s written words, collages and illustrations and Roberto’s sumptuous photographs. Roberto’s creative practise is inspired by a love for the natural world that he shares with Meredith, and a keenness to observe and appreciate life in all its splendour.

Here is a small collection of photographs from ‘Be Here Now’, and a glimpse into the daily life Roberto and Meredith share. At home in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, the couple prepares to welcome visitors for creative retreats — deeply nourishing experiences for individuals, couples and small groups wishing to explore their creativity and feel refreshed and rejuvenated in an exceptionally beautiful and supportive environment. Information about these wellness experiences will be shared here and via social media over time. Enquires are most welcome.

To follow Roberto’s photographic journeys online, please visit the link below.