Meredith’s bestselling books are direct conversations with the heart and mind. In her unique and ever-evolving body of work, Meredith empowers readers to practise self-care and nurture foundational values that make life meaningful and beautiful.

Readers around the world take pleasure in growing their collection of Meredith’s books:

101 Moments of Joy and Inspiration, 101 Inspirations For Your Journey, The Art of Gratitude, The Art of Wellbeing – Joyous Living Inspired by Nature, The Art of Kindness – Caring for Ourselves, Each Other and Our Earth, Your Bed Loves You – The Healing Art of Sleep, Find Your Sparkle – Embracing the Magic of Life, At Home Within, Relax – A Little Book of Calm, Choosing Love – Living Our Lives to Nourish Our Hearts, Be Here Now – Finding Peace and Joy in the Present Moment, Creativity – Your Daily Gift.

Meredith has also created bespoke box sets of cards to complement her books, including: ‘Find Your Sparkle’ Inspiration Cards, ‘The Art of Giving’ Note Card Set and ‘Share Your Love’ Note Cards.

Meredith’s books and cards are available around the world in stores and online and have have been translated into various languages.

Meredith is published by Penguin Random House and Hardie Grant Books.

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