She's Leaving Home

Illustrations by Meredith Gaston

In her early twenties, Meredith lived above an antique shop in Summer Hill in Sydney run by the one and only Monica Trapaga. Filled to the brim with vintage lampshades, heavenly crockery, vases of roses and fragrant Italian candles in every possible nook, ‘Reclaim’ was a treasure trove and for quite a while, it was also Meredith’s home. Monica and Meredith would sing up and down the stairs to each other, sharing ideas, recipes, arts and crafts.

In the midst of writing her wonderful book ‘She’s Leaving Home’ – a compilation of treasured family recipes for mothers to gift their daughters upon flying the nest – Monica asked if Meredith would create some illustrations to grace its pages. The pair spent more time sampling recipes than anything else, chatting away and drinking pot after pot of floral tea. The glorious result is a decadent, colourful and engaging book that takes its reader through Monica’s colourful family life and pantry and back into their very own kitchen to play!